“Educating the heart” We teach students not only the mind but also the heart with Islamic values. Let them grow with great knowledge, live with kind hearted, graduate with excellent future.

“At FTI UII, students do more than just studying. Here, students are encouraged to achieve, gain reputation, and produce inspiring works. ”

“Students are the nation’s investment. At the beloved FTI UII campus, students will get science and religious knowledge and are educated with noble qualities to reach their dreams. Students also will be the pride of parents, nation and religion.”

Faculty of Industrial Technology

“Here, the tradition of pioneering has been nurturing. Anti-mainstream initiatives have been developed by the departments, such as unique curriculum development and internationally-recognised trainings. I do believe, if this tradition is consistently upheld, in the future, the alumni will be well-prepared to make a great difference”


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Kalender Akademik UII

Study in FTI UII

Students have the opportunity to participate in a dual degree program. The double degree collaboration with universities in ASEAN is a proof of the concrete steps of the study programs at FTI UII in improving the quality of graduates in facing global competition. With the support of teaching staff with doctoral degrees, doctoral candidates and masters from renowned universities at local and abroad, FTI UII is ready to provide education of the highest quality.

Faculty of Industrial Technology produces graduates who are ready to face challenges and free market competition, professional in spirit, innovative, independent, adaptive, and creative based on Islamic values.

Study Center 

The Study Centers in the Faculty of Industrial Technology was established to support various research topics in the world of industry covering the fields of chemistry, electronics, machinery, and informatics. The Center for Study of the Faculty of Industrial Technology opens a collaboration with research partners to explore problems and produce solutions to determine the direction of appropriate policies.

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