Pelayanan FTI UII


The UII Technology Faculty also provides various supporting facilities in the campus environment and can be accessed by all academians.

The teaching and learning processes of the Faculty of Industrial Technology, Universitas Islam Indonesia, take place at the K.H Building. Mas Mansur and K.H.A. Wahid Hasyim Buildings at the UII Main Campus, Kaliurang Street Km. 14.5 Yogyakarta. These buildings consist of 29 lecture rooms, two audiovisual rooms, 24 laboratories, libraries, offices, assembly rooms, auditorium, and lecturer rooms.

K.H. Mas Mansur Building has the most classrooms and other facilities, such as an audiovisual room, an auditorium, an integrated services room, and an administrative services room for both undergraduate and post-graduate students. This building is located in the western part of the UII campus and has five floors including the basement.

K.H.A. Wahid Hasyim Building has most of the laboratories, which are used for research activities and student lab work. This building is located opposite K.H. Mas Mansur Building and has five floors including the basement. It is equipped with complete laboratory facilities, which support students’ learning activities in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Informatics.

Faculty Library is located in the northern part of KH. Mas Mansur Building on the 1st floor. This facility helps students enhance the academic quality of their teaching and learning processes through information services and various collections of reading materials. The library also intends to instil reading habits as well as independent and sustainable reading skills with a view to opening and developing intellectual insights and providing information for the benefit of research, science and technology. This library provides various collections of books, magazines, journals, theses, research reports, practical work reports and proceedings. The library also provides interactive CD programmes, which can be borrowed and used for the benefit of the teaching and learning processes.

Main Auditorium (Ballroom) in Faculty of Industrial Technologies located on the 3rd floor of K.H. Mas Mansur Building. This is a multifunctional space, which can be used by students and lecturers to conduct seminars, public lectures, and activities involving 100 participants and above. Both students and lecturers can take advantage of this facility by asking permission from the Division of Supply and Household. You may contact the Division for more information about the Auditorium schedule. The Faculty of Industrial Technology Auditorium can accommodate up to 300 people and is equipped with a projector screen, quality sound system and good lighting. The auditorium is also equipped with desk-chair sets, which allow this room to be used for large meeting rooms.

The Faculty of Industrial Technology is equipped with an Audiovisual Room facility, which has a capacity of 100 people. The Faculty of Industrial Technology’s Audiovisual Room is soundproof and is equipped with a CD/DVD player, whiteboard, projector screen, sound system and air conditioner.

The Audiovisual Room is multifunctional and can support lecture activities (e.g. public lectures or stadium gatherings). This room can also be used as a reception room for visitors from outside the university who wish to visit the Faculty of Industrial Technology.

Universitas Islam Indonesia also provides services to students, lecturers and employees who have health problems. This clinic is run by Unisia Polifarma, located at the front of the campus, near the UII Main Campus gate at Kaliurang Street Km. 14.5 Yogyakarta.

Unisia Polifarma has professional doctors, general practitioners and specialist doctors (e.g. dentists and dermatologists) who are ready to serve students, lecturers and even the general public every day. This health clinic is equipped with a pharmacy that operates 24 hours, making it possible for ill lecturers, students or local people to receive first aid before being referred to a more advanced hospital.

The Faculty of Industrial Technology has a canteen that is managed by the Employee Cooperation in Faculty of Industrial Technology (KOPKARTI), called ‘Kantin Kita’. This canteen provides various menus (food, snacks and drinks) for students, lecturers and the public. The dishes are served in buffet and food stalls. The food stalls are owned by canteen staff and students who intend to gain entrepreneurship experience. People are also able to order certain dishes from the canteen menu. Kantin Kita is located at the basement of K.H. Mas Mansur Building and is open from Monday to Friday from 7.30 a.m. until 5 p.m.

‘Bahrul Ulum’ is an Arabic phrase, which means the sea of knowledge. This mushola name is related to one of the goals of UII and that is the ability to educate the nation. Bahrul Ulum Mushola is located at K.H. Mas Mansur Building on the 1st floor near the lobby and represents an Islamic environment in the Faculty of Industrial Technology UII. This musholla can accommodate between 50 and 80 worshipers and is equipped with about 20 water taps, located in separate ablutions spaces for men and women.

The Bahrul Ulum Mushola room is a partially open space. The wind is able to flow smoothly in and out of the room, so the mushola has good air circulation and lighting. Musholla is used for both worshipping activities and other religious activities, such as Taklim, which includes weekly Islamic activities.

The parking area of the Faculty of Industrial Technology can hold up to 800 motorbikes and 150 cars. FIT UII has three parking lots. The motorcycle parking area is located on the east side of the FIT building, while the car park is located on the north side of the FIT building. More than 20 parking wardens take turns to guarantee safety for the parked vehicles.

The Faculty provides many parking locations for both motorcycles and cars in order to ease students’ access. The FIT UII also provides a friendly environment for the disabled with convenient access to the facilities. The parking lots are located across the campus.

At UII’s Faculty of Industrial Technology, students are able to participate in a range of sporting and extracurricular activities, such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, futsal and martial arts. The sporting facilities are located in the rear part of the campus.

Jogja International Hospital (JIH) is affiliated to UII and offers medical services to the general public. It is run by PT Unisia Medika Farma (PT UMF), which is one of the business units of the UII Waqf Foundation. JIH is located in the northern ring road (Jalan Ring Road Utara), No. 160 Condong Catur, Sleman, Yogyakarta 55283.