The Faculty of Industrial Technology has various Information Technology (IT) services to support the performance of lecturers and students in the teaching and learning processes.

  1. Free Internet service (UIIConnect) via wireless connection (WiFi) can be obtained at almost all UII campuses through a variety of devices (e.g. laptops and gadgets) using the official account provided (Single Sign On).
  2. Eduroam (education roaming) is an international roaming service for users in universities and research institutions around the world. The Eduroam connection allows lecturers and students of UII to have secure internet access in every location covered by Eduroam. All UII campus buildings are connected to this service.

UIIPrint is the latest facility that allows all academics to print, scan, and copy documents independently (self-service; do-it-yourself). UIIPrint is available across the UII campus buildings, which are connected to the Unisys service or UII account. All that users need to do is enter the account username and password to log in to UIIPrint.

Guidelines for using UIIPrint services can be found at Students can buy UIIPrint vouchers at Mandiri bank counters in UII area. The code in UIIPrint voucher is submitted at to top up their UIIPrint account balance.

Klasiber is an e-learning portal for academics in the Universitas Islam Indonesia. Using Klasiber, students can download lecture materials that have been uploaded by lecturers, have discussions with lecturers or other students, and participate in online quizzes.

Each student will have access to the course that he/she has taken for each running semester. Klasiber can be accessed via The guidebook can be accessed through

Google Classroom is an online learning application that is used to support lecture activities. Lecture document files and assignments uploaded by the lecturers can be accessed by students through this application. Google Classroom also provides space for lecturers and students to interact online.

Since the beginning of 2016, UII has collaborated with Google to utilize Google Apps for Education. In this service, there are several applications (e.g. Gmail) for online correspondence, Hangouts for short online communication, Groups to create large-scale communities, Calendar for a reminder, Drive for storing data, and Sites for creating personal and group sites. Students can use the Single Sign On rule to log into the Google Edu service, so one account is available for all the information technology services in the UII environment.

Online Mail Information System (SISO) is an information system developed by the Faculty of Industrial Technology (FIT) with the aim of facilitating the administration of letters. SISO is an information system that can be used by students and employees. Students can submit a letter order process online from anywhere and at any time using the device they have. For the complete guide, the following modules can be attempted. SISO can be accessed online at Specifically, SISO has the following online mail message features:

  1. Certificate of Good Conduct
  2. Active Students Certificate
  3. Introduction to Research Letter
  4. Application for Job Training Letter
  5. Statement of Not Accepting Other Scholarships Letter
  6. Letter of Other Recommendations
  7. Passport Recommendations Letter
  8. Visa Recommendations Letter
  9. Certificate of Accreditation
  10. Alumni Certificate

UII provides services that make it easy for students and parents to receive academic information through UNISYS. UNISYS services can be accessed at It contains a variety of features, such as key-in courses, value information, academic status information, payment history and library services.

Every UII student gets an official e-mail that can be accessed through This e-mail account is the same as the official account provided. Various information will be sent via this official e-mail link.

Questions, feedback, and complaints about IT services can be sent to or by visiting the Board of Information Systems located on the 4th Floor East Wing of Prabuningrat Building on the Universitas Islam Indonesia Integrated Campus, Jalan Kaliurang, Km. 14.5 Sleman, Yogyakarta or by phone at 0274 898444 (ext. 1414). Information about IT services can be found at

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