Student Consultation

Steps and Mechanisms of Guidance

  1. Academic Advisors (DPA) hold regular meetings to monitor the progress of student learning.
  2. Academic Advisors (DPA) guide, direct, consider, and approve student study plans in accordance with academic guidelines set by the Faculty of Industrial Technology.
  3. Academic Advisors (DPA) identify students who are expected to have problems.
  4. Academic Advisors (DPA) handle students who have problems, such as psychological, socioeconomic or others outside DPA remit. With the approval of the Head of Study Programme, the handling of the problems are delegated to the respective competent lecturers or other institutions.
  5. Periodically report on the development and progress of student learning to the Head of Department/Study Programme.
  6. Report the final results of academic guidance activities to the Head of the Department/Study Programme.