Key-In RAS

Key-In RAS is a process of uploading study plans or Academic Semester Plans (RAS) directly to Unysis website ( Students are required to do a Key-In RAS based on the academic schedule before the beginning of the semester. Key-In RAS is required to be done by all the active students, regardless of whether they are taking any more subjects or not or are currently completing the thesis until graduation. Key-In RAS is not required for the students at the first and the second semesters. Courses are automatically applied as a package for students in these semesters. Students who wish to take a course in the next semester should consult with their supervisor(s) (Dosen Pembimbing Akademik/DPA). During the consultation, students may discuss their academic plans for the next semester and/or their academic matters. Each consultation should be recorded in a specific form provided by the Department.

To conduct a Key-In RAS, students are required to submit their consultation form and pay the first installment fees for the odd semester and the second installment fees for the even semester.

The Key-In RAS procedures are as follows:

  1. First, students must log into the Unisys website ( using their Unisys account.
  2. Second, students should click the ‘Key-In RAS’ menu, located at the right side of the browser.
  3. Third, the course indices will appear in alphabetical order. Students may search for the name of the subject that they wish to take in the next semester by clicking the first letter of the name of the subject. For example, for the subject of ‘System Modelling’, the first letter that should be used is ‘S’.
  4. Once inputting subjects is complete, students will be able to see all of the subjects taken in the next semester by simply clicking the ‘Isian RAS’ menu.
  5. To finalize the Key-In RAS process, students must click the ‘Cetak RAS’ menu and then click ‘OK/Submit’. At this stage, students are not able to revise their Key-In RAS after clicking the ‘OK/Submit’ button. Please keep in mind that students are not able to take more than 24 credits for each semester.