Nine students of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Industrial Technology UII attended the Student Exchange program at Chulalangkorn University Thailand. This collaboration program has been established between Chulalangkorn University Thailand and UII since 2013. The program will be held for 4 full months, starting on January 14, 2019.

The Vice Rector UII for Networking & Entrepreneurship, Ir. Wiryono Raharjo, M.Arch., Ph.D., said that this Student Exchange program is one of the manifestations of the university internationalization in order to have competitiveness with other world class universities.

“We need to improve the ability of students, both in terms of academic and non-academic. So, we hope that this program can improve the ability of students," said Wiryono at the students release ceremony at GBPH Prabuningrat UII Building, Jl. Kaliurang Km. 14.5, on Friday (4/1).

Internationalization of the university is one of the important programs in the vision and mission of UII. Vice Rector UII for Student Affairs, Religion & Alumni, Dr. Drs. Rohidin, SH., M.Ag., presenter that this program aims to hone students' abilities in various aspects. Both in terms of academic, soft skills and even culture.

“Through this program, we hope that this program is able to provide new insights and improve the ability of the students themselves. Don't let us be great only at our own home, we have to be able to compete with the global community,” said Rohidin.

In front of the students participating in the program, Rohidin advised to keep the good name of UII and get new knowledge there. "You will bring the name of your alma master. So, keep the good name of UII. It means that you have to keep your manners. Please do not follow the negative culture out there and share your experiences and enthusiasm with other students,” he ordered.

Dr. Arif Hidayat, S.T., M.T., the Secretary of the Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering, said that seven of the program participants will be placed in Petroleum and Petrochemical College (PPC). Meanwhile, two other students will be placed in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Arif said, while in Thailand students will carry out various kinds of academic and non-academic activities.

The nine students of the Student Exchange program are Febri Putri Batama, Muhammad Fadila Putra, Bagus Surya Saputra, Fakhri Fachreza, Anjanetta Nadya Pasha, Salma Avia Pratidina and Silvi Nursukma Indri at Petroleum and Petrochemical College (PPC) and Malik Nur Hakim and Siti Mursidah in Chemical Engineering Department.

During the program, each student will be given living expenses and study fees. In addition, the value of the courses they take can also be converted to courses in UII. (ENI / RS / FY)