Remote Legalization

In order to facilitate the legal process for alumni of the Faculty of Industrial Technology, Universitas Islam Indonesia, remote legalization service is provided for FIT alumni. Due to limitations of space, domicile location and time in managing important documents for the legal processes (e.g. diplomas and transcripts), the Faculty of Industrial Technology opened a legal service observing the following conditions:

  1. Diplomas and transcripts scanned in black-and-white with the original size are sent via e-mail to, in pdf or jpeg format.
  2. Include an application letter in your email, including the name and address of the applicant, contact number and information on the number of legal documents needed (at most 10 sheets for diplomas and 10 items for the transcripts)
  3. Complete a payment via transfer to the UII Faculty of Industrial Technology account number at:

Bank Mandiri Cabang UII Rektorat

On behalf of: Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Technology UII

Account Number: 137.000.2283907

  1. The cost of long-distance legal processing consists of:
  2. The legal fee for a diploma is IDR 1,000/sheet
  3. The cost of legalizing transcripts is IDR 1,500/bundle
  4. Photocopy fee is IDR 150/sheet
  5. Package shipping fee (Java: IDR 35,000.00; Outside Java: IDR 50,000)