The Third International Conference on Information Technology and Digital Applications (ICITDA) in 2018, an annual conference convened by Department of Informatics, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Universitas Indonesia was successfully held in the capital city of Philippines, Manila, on

Thursday-Friday (8-9 November 2018). This year, Department of Informatics collaborated with College of Information Technology and Computer Science, University of The Cordilleras Philippines.

The ICITDA conference is an International forum for exchanging of ideas, knowledge, and experience on the latest development in the field of information technology and digital applications among researchers from academia, engineers, and practitioners from industries. This conference is also expected to enable opportunities for collaboration among the participants to advance the theory and practice in the field of information technology.

ICITDA has been a hub of many people from many countries, especially from Asia. Since its inception, ICITDA has been the work of many universities. It was started two years ago, in 2016, with a collaboration work of Informatics Department, Universitas Islam Indonesia, from Indonesia and Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Thailand, and Youngsan University, South Korea. And in 2018, we had our colleagues from University of the Cordilleras (Baguio, Philippines) to host this conference, extending our academic collaboration with more countries involved.

ICITDA 2018 received 103 papers from 6 countries, and 52 papers were accepted in various topics, and 51 delegates will present these papers. To make sure that we have a high quality paper, we also have 27 high quality reviewers from 7 countries, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan, Netherlands, and Philippines.

This year’s conference featured two keynote speakers, Dr. Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Professor at Department of Information Systems and Computer Science Ateneo de Manila, Philippines and Dr. Teduh Dirgahayu, the Chair of Centre for Enterprise Information System Universitas Islam Indonesia.

Three papers have been awarded as the best paper for each track. In Application Track, Erick David A. Laurente and his collegues from Mapua University got the highest score with their paper titled “Braille3D: Using Haptic and Voice Feedback for Braille Recognition and 3D Printing for the Blind”. In Software Engineering Track, the paper titled “Bias detection in Philippine political news articles using SentiWordNet and Inverse Reinforcement Model” from University of San Carlos was excellent enough to get the best paper award. Lastly, in Hard Science Track, Lorena W. Rabago and her collegues from Asia Pacific College won the best paper with their work titled “Q-DAR: Quick Disaster Aid and Response Model Using Naive Bayes and Bag-of-Words Algorithm”. [/fy]